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Partners for all your needs !

  • Our goal is to work with genuine people to awaken group innovation across the globe.
  • The more we all come together the better the deals we all can enjoy.
  • We can achieve great economies of scale by pooling our spends together.
  • Do not keep this within yourself. Expand the Group buying initiative and bring the whole world together. Connect with GroupPal.

What is GroupPal?

GroupPal app is free to download and use. Just spend 2 minutes to sign up and you will be a part of a community which has committed, genuine professional, certified service providers, vendors, recruiters and investors and avail the services of these 6 C Champions who will deliver quality at the best prices and also a special offer every time you connect.

Just in 2 Steps

  • You can avail a service on demand or scheduled where you want. Example : Photographers, Trainers, Beauticians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Cabs, Drivers etc.
  • You can get products that are unique and special from the vendors in GroupPal which you can purchase.
  • You can Hire / Recruit someone for your business or office based on your need after checking the details.
  • You can choose to become a Franchisee of some excellent business.
  • You can also choose to become an investor for the business opportunities which GroupPal will present.

For utilising these services of our 6 C Champions you just need to just join the Strong Community of GroupPal.

How it Works


Service Expert

Professionals like Doctors, Trainers, Engineers and Experts in a Particular service like Plumbers, Acting Drivers, Insurance Agents can register choosing this menu. You will be connected to customers through keywords

Get a Job

This app has a huge base of entrepreneurs and service providers across the state and the country. If you aspire to get a job in an industry that you aspire to work register here and you can get the connect of such industries.

Hire Employees

It’s a need of any HR or Business man to get a right person for the job. Register here to get the connect of candidates who are looking for their interested industries.

Sell a Product

From Pin to Plane be it any product, register here to get more visibility and direct connect of customers for your products.

Sell a Franchise

Get registered here to get the connect of excellent franchisee opportunities from entrepreneurs across the country. As an upgraded member, you also get an opportunity to get the connect of people who would like to get the franchisee of your business.


If you are a person who like to invest in new ventures or a great business idea, register here. As an upgraded member you can also get an opportunity to talk to investors who would like to invest in your business or your ideas.

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